Ski touring jacket for men's.

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The X-BIONIC® Ski Touring Jacket combines protection and climate comfort with the lowest possible weight.

The key is the innovative and soft IsoMatrix material, which provides extreme elasticity and thus superb freedom of movement. In the shoulder area where your backpack is supported, there is a stable mesh structure to avoid pressure points and permit air circulation regardless of the load. The perfect partner for changing weather conditions in the mountains.

  • Isomatrix with symbionic® membrane

    The windproof softshell material IsoMatrix features a thermo-optimized three-dimensional honeycomb embossing on the inside. It provides a stable, intense warming effect while remaining much more lightweight and fl exibility than other skitouring jackets. On its outer skin: the uniquely powerful symbionic® membrane, the only membrane that keeps the inside reliably dry by transporting not only water vapour but also water drops.

  • MicroDiffuser on the collar

    The ducts on the inside of collar allow hot, moist air to escape and support the body temperature inside the jacket.

  • MicroDiffuser on the cuff

    Precise ducts on the cuff create a highly comfortable band on the sleeve and let the moist, hot air escape.

  • 3D-BionicSphere® System on the back

    Guarantees effective ventilation so moisture is quickly wicked and transported away. No sweat means insulating air pockets in the wavelike structure protect against cold.

  • ExactorPort Pads

    The innovative X-BIONIC® ExtractorPort Pads on the shoulders combine three functions perfectly: They channel out warm, moist air, keep circulation steady and make carrying backpacks easier. Thanks to their chimney effect they increase performance and prevent reliably the danger of heat buildup even when performing the most challenging climbs.

  • Zip fasteners

    Handy zips at the bottom of the trouser aid dressing.

  • Pockets positioned slighly higher, with zip

    The front pockets are also easily accessible when wearing a backpack and provide suffi cient space for important items. The inside material is warm and soft, perfect to warm up cold hands.

  • Reflective logo on the front and the back

    For good visibility and improved safety at dawn, dusk and at night.

  • Outer material: symbionic® membrane

    The unique, wind proof symbionic® membrane is based on bionic research in connection with the skin breathing of amphibians. Symbionic® is a closed membrane that has no pores that can become obstructed. Droplets of perspiration are distributed thoroughly along the interior side and drawn into the membrane, which has a structure that can process and whisk outwards a lot of moisture. That works with water vapour plus droplets of perspiration.

  • 37° CCR-Technology™

    An over-heated or under-cooled body is not able to perform. That’s why it works to keep itself constantly at the optimal body temperature of 37°C.

  • Inner pocket for mobile phone or MP3 player

    A safe place with quick access inside the jacket.


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Ski touring jacket for men's.

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